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Hay Bridge Nature Reserve

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PRIMARY SCHOOLS: We hope to give each child a glimpse of the huge diversity of wild plants and animals, how they live and their interdependence on one another. Visiting schools are split into groups of no more than 15 children, with a tutor accompanying each group. A typical day would include the following activities:

* Un-nature Trail - for sharpening sensory and observation skills.
* Exploring life in ponds and the mini beasts of woodland leaf-litter - focussing on the role of the sun's energy, food webs, decomposition and adaptation.
*Investigation of the collections & displays in the Study Centre - with discussions about the need for conservation.
* Local Industrial Heritage - a walk through the woods where we have a replica of a charcoal burner's hut and pitstead and potash pit.

SECONDARY SCHOOLS & HIGHER EDUCATION: Teachers wishing to use the Reserve as a resource for studies with older students are very welcome. Arrangements can be tailored to suit the needs of individual groups - we can provide tutors who are qualified to A Level and or University studies if necessary.

SPECIAL TOPICS: Should you wish us to concentrate on any particular approach or topic with your group, please contact you tutor when you receive her phone number with booking confirmation. Students with special needs are very welcome, provided we are notified beforehand to ensure we can meet their requirements.

DATES & TIMES: Visits may be made to Hay Bridge any day, from Monday to Friday. (Autumn can be a particularly rewarding time, with is wealth of fungi mini-beasts and glowing colours). Times can be arranged to suit the requirements of individual groups. (please try not to be late - we need every minute too fit in all our activities!)

WEATHER: Visits normally go ahead unless the weather is exceptionally bad, when they may be cancelled or postponed (if in doubt you will be able to contact your tutor directly by telephone before starting out). If you do decide to come in inclement weather, please make sure that your traansport remains near at hand. We can provide a number of activities inside the Study Centre, centring around the exhibits and conservation games. Please make sure all children wear suitable shoes/wellies and waterproofs if wet weather is likely.

TRANSPORT : The car park at Hay Bridge can only accommodate private cars and mini-buses. Coaches of up to 24- seater size can drop the students in the Reserve and turn round to park in Bouth village. As the Access road to Hay Bridge is so small and narrow, parties coming in larger coaches must walk from the village (about 25 minutes) and will be met by their tutors at the entrance to the Reserve.

For more information or enquiry about an educational vist to Hay Bridge please email: